Pharmaceutical and Healthcare

Sydata brings a full range of digital health IT solutions including integrated digital case records and solutions
for a connected, paperless case system that provides patients and doctors with the right information, to make the right decisions. 

Pharmaceutical and Healthcare


In the face of new healthcare development initiatives, regulatory requirements, and growing risks and costs in the delivery of patient care, healthcare providers, and payers are being asked to expand clinical and financial outcomes and address growing demands with limited resources. In addition, new models of healthcare delivery – such as home care and specialized services – need to be reconciled with the systems that support those offerings, including electronic patient records, and coding standards. To provide supreme patient care, healthcare providers need access to full patient views including conditions, treatments, and outcomes to provide and monitor care.

To gain that access, implementation of healthcare standards will drive adoption of a common dialect through which exchanges of information between healthcare providers involved within a patient care episode can effectively take place. These steps are necessary in the progression from image and information capture, to electronic health records, and finally, to achievement of a comprehensive Health Information Exchange and Accountable care.


Experience and Expertise

WITH Sydata

  • Sydata provides a combined approach with custom solutions to optimize quality, enhance business value, and reduce total cost of ownership throughout the lifecycle of an application or project
  • Provide solutions to improve clinical and financial outcomes and address growing demands in healthcare industry with limited resources
  • Provide innovative solutions to meet clinical and business requirements sustaining the new models of healthcare delivery
  • Help select, implement, and manage challenges around supply chain planning, logistics and warehousing, and distribution processes
  • We size, provide, and configure servers, data collection equipment, and printing solutions to support clients’ software
  • Provide wireless technology that supports ERP, Supply Chain Management, custom and other systems by making information transfer possible from remote locations in real time
  • Our Healthcare Value Chain Solution draws on our functional, technical and industry expertise to deliver a system that meets the specialized requirements these organizations demand

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